Empowering women
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Over the years of my work, I was exposed to the growing strain on the women of our society. From the unfair treatment to the oppression and aggression towards us, everything has grown more intense even though we claim to step forth into a new, global era.
Empowering women is empowering the nation. It is the women of our society who raise a child and every child is a future citizen. We cannot dream of a better world for tomorrow without empowering the women of the society. Women, I believe, are warriors. They beautifully battle family issues, manage work, struggle to raise their children but often forget fighting for themselves.
A strong urge to do something for women has been beaming in me. My work with women around us has always been a key part of my efforts through Mukkti Foundation. But in my heart, I knew that I always wanted to create a dedicated wing for us.
Finally, on Women’s Day in 2014, I launched Me. Mukkti Marshals. It was a gift to all the strong women I have worked with over decades, and I dedicated it to the strength that I have derived myself witnessing their strength. It became the concentration of our efforts towards empowering, providing safety and elevating women to the stature we deserve in the society.
Me.Mukkti began with successfully introducing crucial and continuous public services such as the Me.Mukkti.Marshals in the local Mumbai Trains for the safety of our women as well as workshops such as the Tolpar System of Russian Knife Fighting being taught to the women officials of the Mumbai Police.
Beyond these initial efforts, I would like to say, that my efforts in Mukkti shall always be dedicated to the women who went against all odds of oppression and persecution and yet they harbor so much love for everyone in their hearts, as Mothers, Sisters, Wives & Daughters. I salute your bravery and patience, a power which can never be stolen from you.
Smita Thackeray
(Founder - Mukkti: A Smita Thackeray Foundation)
Empowering The Women of The Society
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